The Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) 9001:2015, has been released by BSI.

This latest version of the world’s most popular management system standard includes a number of significant changes that will affect all businesses using the standard.

As a category ‘A’ liaison status holder, the CQI has been significantly involved in the revisions process and understands the standards writers’ intentions. One of the major changes will impact top management as Simon Feary, Chief Executive of the CQI, explains:

“For the quality profession, whether delivering quality management programmes or auditing against management system standards, it is an opportunity to add greater value to organisations and to develop new skills. The requirements for greater senior management involvement, stipulated in the influential Annex SL, will put the quality profession in front of senior management like never before.”

The business landscape has changed considerably over the past decade. From technological advances to an ever more global economy businesses now work with increasingly complex supply chains. The changes in ISO 9001:2015 intend to reflect these changes and ensure the standard is still relevant today.

Those concerned with establishing, implementing and/or managing a QMS based on ISO 9001:2015 or who audit against it will also face new challenges. From looking at risk differently to identifying new evidence sources, ISO 9001:2015 requires auditors to gain new knowledge, skills and to understanding to assess a modern Annex SL-based management system.

Over the next few months, our we will supporting our members transitioning to the new standard through:

• Providing course criteria to our training organisations

• Releasing reports

• Implementation seminars – please note this is not transition training.



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    This is great. Good job my good friend, God will continue to inspire are indeed a safety champion.more awards awaits you.


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