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Welcome to your Stress Calculator

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Do you not find humor in situations others find funny?
Do you have good relationships with others?
Do you feel depressed at work, home, or school?
Do you frequently get angry or irritable?
Do you get frustrated with relationships you have with people?
Do you take on too many responsibilities at work, home or at school?
Are you tossing and turning at night and having trouble sleeping?
Do you often feel sadness that you can't explain?
Do you keep everything bottled up inside?
Do you feel a lot of pressure at work, home or school?
Do you feel that your boss/family member/professor has unrealistic expectations?
Do you feel like there's so much stress in work/home/school that you are not trying as hard?
Do you try to do as much as you can in the least amount of time?
Do you have too much work, home or school responsibilities?
Do you spend a lot of time complaining or whining?

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